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Our Mission

To make online shopping

much easier than offline with

AstraFit fit & feel engine

Our Vision

To simplify online shopping for every fashion brand, marketplace and retailer with our online fitting room.


The idea for AsfraFit was born in 2012 when founder, Nikita Dobrynin, noticed

that there were only sizing charts available while doing online shopping. Sizing chart is just a reason your return rate is growing and your sales are not.

Sizing is important, but knowing how the clothes will fit you is a much more

significant part.  We developed AstraFit Fit & Feel engine just for this. 

Over the last 7 years we’ve helped more than 8 million people find clothing best

suited for their unique figures, and helped hundreds of online fashion brands,

retailers and marketplaces to achieve better results.


AstraFit is located in Kiev with legal representatives in the US and Cyprus.

Our smart fitting technology helps people find their perfect clothes.

We strive to make it possible for online shopping for clothes to be easier than offline for the first time ever...

Nikita Dobrynin

Founder and CEO

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