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Wisell Case Study

How to make it easier for people to find and choose the right clothes on the Internet? This task was set by the specialists of AstraFit and a large Russian manufacturer and seller of women's clothing

The cooperation of and AstraFit has been lasting for more than a year and it can be said with confidence that the partnership is mutually beneficial not only for the companies themselves, but also for the buyers and clients of

3X conversion lift

2X Engagement lift

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User measurement behavior case study – How do we measure ourselves?

At AstraFit we work a lot with human body measurements. In our research, we’ve tried almost every possible way to measure a human body (3D scanners, image recognition, etc.) and we continue to monitor available measurement technologies.

Compare different technologies to measure human body - availability, cost, privacy, usability.

What's the best way to measure human body?

User behavior statistics.

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Cardo case study

Cooperation began in July 2015


To evaluate the performance of the service, we took a few basic Google Analytics metrics and compared them for two segments of visitors:

1. Who used AstraFit Fitting Room;
2. Who did not use the Fitting Room.

We've achieved fantastic result:

3X conversion lift

Session duration 140%

Pages viewed per session 90%

AstraFit Online fitting room MustHave case study

Quelle - Otto Group case study

In this case, we were thinking about two aspects in the first place:


1) Collect user’s feedback about AstraFit

2) Check the efficiency of the service in a high load and vast quantity of clothing


We've achieved remarkable result.


We’ve digitized over 45,000 models of clothing,

processed more than 12 million virtual try-ons and collected a big number of sincere positive user feedback.

AstraFit Online fitting room MustHave case study

MustHave case study

Reduced the number of abandoned shopping carts by 52.17%

Increased the total conversion rate by 62.96%

Increased the average sale value by 24.88%

"In this way, we reduce the burden on our call center by eliminating the need for managers to spend a lot of time trying to help clients choose a size"

MustHave's co-founders, Anna Kovalenko and Anastasia Yakovenko

FAME case study

Increased the average sale value by 15,45%

Decreased the number of returns 48,4%

Increased the total conversion rate by 37,5%

"We initially had some doubts about the effect the service would have on our shopping club model. But these fears were not confirmed. The percentage of returns has shrunk by half.”

Viktoria Nosenko, CEO of Fame

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