The learning center provides training and certification services for AstraFit's customer employees. The programs of the training center have been created with the participation of specialists in designing and tailoring clothes, developing software, and setting up operational processes, taking into account the best practices in these areas.

Topics of the course:

  • Getting acquainted with the AstraFit Assistant System

  • Overview of grading system

  • Preparation for the process of measuring clothes

  • Basics of measuring clothes

  • Important features of clothing measurement

  • Effective measurement in large volumes

  • Further improvement of the process of measuring clothes

Required knowledge for certification:

  • Basics of using a personal computer

  • Basics of using the Internet browser

AstraFit Assistant Course: Basic

The certificate “AstraFit Assistant: Basic” is the official confirmation that its owner can effectively use in his or her work the full range of capabilities of the AstraFit Assistant clothing measurement program.

The company “AstraFit” according to the results of computer testing issues the certificate. The tests, developed by experts, allow you to quickly and objectively test the knowledge of the AstraFit Assistant program’s capabilities and the theory of the most efficient and qualitative measurement of goods.

To obtain a basic certificate, you must do the following:

  • View the training videos and read the text materials on the system of measuring clothes using AstraFit Assistant.

  • Pass remote testing in AstraFit.

  • Verify your qualification through practice.

For whom this course has been developed:

  • AstraFit customer's employees

Certification process details.

The certificate is issued based on the passage of testing and evaluation of practical measurement results. The decision to issue a certificate is made exclusively by AstraFit specialists. AstraFit accepts complaints and offers to review the decision to assign a certificate but reserves the right to ignore such complaints and suggestions.

Features of certificate operation:

The certificate is unlimited and becomes active after the successful passage of the certification process. However, the certificate can be deactivated in a number of cases, including poor quality of measurements, no practice for an extended period of time and refusal to undergo certificate confirmation.

Quality control of measurements:

The specialists carry out constant quality control of the measurements by automatic, semi-automatic, and manual checks of the measurements made by the AstraFit Assistant certificate holder. Among other actions, such verifications can correct errors, inform the holder of the certificate of errors, and inform the AstraFit client about the systematic nature of errors by one or another certificate holder.

Training and certification of personnel is carried out within the framework of the contract for the use of AstraFit services.

For all questions concerning the AstraFit Learning Center, please contact study@astrafit.com .

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