Fit Technology and Data Platform

Next Generation Solutions For Size, Fit and Personalisation 

AstraFit is a Fitting Technology Platform

Take an intelligent and personalized approach to all aspects of your business. 

Visual Fitting Room

Mass Personalization


CRM and Reports

Next generation professional solution - 

a equivalent of a real-life fitting room.


Solve size and fit problem for shoppers in a very detailed way.

True personalisation.

Show only clothing that fit your shoppers in:

e-mails, recomendation blocks, your whole store.


Use precious visitors time  and your marketing budget efficiently - focus only on clothes that fit.

Empower your 

brick ’n’ mortars with 

Fitting Technologies - 

VFR and MP.


Bring down the barrier between online and physical stores and don’t lose customers.

Tons of data for your marketing, merchandising and product development.


Know your audience.

Integrate that knowledge everywhere it can help (CRM, Analytics…)

Simple integration

Basic Visual Fitting Room integration takes 15 minutes

AstraFit Customer Results

We are passionate about our customers’ success. 


The logic is very simple - people buy more if they are confident in the chosen size.


Google Analytics of one of our customers shows 

more than 3 times increase.











In this case 48% of transactions are done by AstraFit users.


On-line fitting room is a very engaging feature.

Every woman wants to know - how the selected garments will fit her.


This is confirmed by time users spend with AstraFit…

… and how many pages they go through per one session.

You can track how AstraFit impacts your users behavior and enhances your business results right in your Google Analytics.

Our goal is to take online shopping to another level.

To achieve this AstraFit team has created a number of products.


Featured products and algorithms

“Visual fitting room” widget

The plugin that is installed in an online shop and shows customers which size fits better.

Graphic interface that simplifies measurement process, so it takes 1 minute on average to measure one item.

Measurement process wizard

An online interface designed to create, store, and manage clothes measurements.

Content management system “Assistant”

The system of algorithms. Analyses data from just one size to calculate the measurements of the other sizes of the current item.

Auto-gradation algorithm

Visual Fitting Room

Featured Product

Next generation professional solution - 

a equivalent of a real-life fitting room.

With AstraFit, we get more satisfied customers, who then become regular customers. The cost of service paid off tenfold, which gave us the opportunity to earn much more than we did previously.

MustHave's co-founders:

Anna Kovalenko and Anastasia Yakovenko

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