"Visual Fitting Room" widget

This plugin is installed in an online shop to help customers get accurate body measurements. The widget utilizes our Fit Analysis algorithm to demonstrate the fit to the customer. The plugin includes Visual Fit Experience (TM) and adaptive human-language descriptions. The visualizations are based on the individual body parameters of each customer, and customers receive a 2D body model.


In online stores, consumers often have difficulty finding apparel that fits properly. As a result, garments do not sell and are often returned when they do sell. The ability to see how an item will fit you and to read recommendations about the best size greatly increases the likelihood of a successful order. Our research confirms that there are two groups of shoppers who wouldn`t have bought anything online if an online fitting room wasn`t in place: people who have never bought any clothes online before and who can`t imagine buying anything without trying it on; and people who have bought some clothes online and have had a bad experience in terms of size.

Visualizations are based on the individual body parameters

The plugin includes Visual Fit Experience (TM) and adaptive human-language descriptions.

Item`s information:

- fabric

- style

- measurements

By the way...

AstraFit widgets are created with mobile and desktop browsers in mind

"Request Item’s Measurements” widget

This widget works with the “online fitting room” widget, and it is used when an item has not been measured yet. It allows customers to express the desire to try an item on. Users are notified via email when requests are fulfilled.


This widget is a good way for shops to start using AstraFit and to learn whether customers really need the service. With this feature, a shop can start using AstraFit without having measured any clothes. Shops only need to start measuring items when customers ask for measurements. Customers value this exceptional level of service.

"Fitting Room Informer" widget

This widget helps users determine whether clothes are worth trying on by showing how good the fit is and which size is best for them on the item`s page.


We understand that the time customers spend browsing stock is very valuable. This widget draws attention to clothes that fit customers perfectly, allowing users to avoid wasting their precious time on items that won’t fit.

Only item`s page?

No! We have created a special light version of "Fitting Room Informer" that can be used in catalog. Clothes browsing has never been that easy and fun!


Measurement Process Wizard

An adaptive graphical and textual interface that guides customers through the clothing measurement process. On average, the process takes one minute to measure one item.


We took into account that the service has to be accessible to all kinds of stores, regardless of whether they're an international company with an enormous number of items in stock or a family business with just a few handmade dresses. Our truly unique approach makes it possible to gather and process clothing measurements without any special equipment or knowledge. This means that anyone can get virtually any piece of clothing into the system extremely fast. No need for 3D models, patterns, or professionals--just use a measuring tape and a computer. 

Content Management System Assistant

Currently, online clothing stores use size charts to provide customers with information about sizing. But 99% of these charts give incorrect information. As a result, the stores have a high return rate. We use real garment and body measurements that give us a genuine opportunity to reduce the number of returns. It doesn`t matter if you`re dealing with just 20 garments or thousands of new clothing items: it's crucial to keep things organized, updated, and accessible. We have found that the only way to achieve this is to create a dedicated clothing measurement management system.


A multi-user online interface designed to create, store, and manage the measurements for all items in the online store. The interface utilizes an auto-gradation system and a Measurement Process Wizard to generate scalable, easy-to-use solutions.

Auto-Gradation algorithm

A set of algorithms that analyzes data from just one size to calculate the measurements for the other sizes of the item.


We’ve tried to make the processing of one garment as affordable as possible. That's why our dedicated designer team has created a unique gradation algorithm that lets you measure just one size of the item, and all other sizes will be calculated automatically. This algorithm gives us a huge advantage over our competitors. It also makes integration of the measurement process very efficient, because you can establish it when and where the photo shoot takes place. As a result, one person can measure up to 60 items per hour.


All algorithms are created by our team of clothes designers. This involves a lot of research and testing. For our system to become a reality, our developers have created a special research environment: a set of tools that allow us to create, manage, and test logical, arithmetical, and ramified algorithms. 

Clothes Analysis algorithm

Human Body Analysis algorithm

Fit Analysis algorithm

Every item that has been measured is processed with our Clothes Analysis algorithm. This algorithm can understand what kind of item it is in detail, from a clothes designer point of view. Also, the algorithm calculates all measurements that might be important for future try-ons or just useful for a shopper to see when buying. There's a special branch of this algorithm for every clothing category.

Just as the Clothes Analysis algorithm processes every item, this algorithm processes the user's body information prior to the virtual try-on. As a result, we have all the info we need: the shape of different parts of the body, calculatable body measurements, and other relevant details. This algorithm also provides information for our Online Fitting Room Widget so we can build a 2D body model.

This algorithm analyzes information and measurements from a clothing item to understand how it will be worn, and uses the customer’s body measurements and relevant details, such as body shape. Based on all the data, the system compares the customer’s body and the clothing, and provides a summary of the information, scores for how well the clothing fits, and recommended sizes.

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