“Easy Start”

The best starting plan

for your business

Success of your business is a key metric for

AstraFit. Smooth starting plan “Easy Start” was

created by leading AstraFit experts especially

for your comfort and timesaving.

“Easy Start” plan is a one-time 3-month plan.

This plan can not be extended. After 3-month period, You and AstraFit expert will select the most effective plan to achieve further business results.

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How do I know how many virtual try-ons I would get?

Try our Free plan.

Is it possible to have a signed agreement with AstraFit?

Yes, we provide a license agreement for our customers.

Is it possible to use your system as white label?

All special requests are considered and priced on a custom basis.

Our shop receives more than 15K new items per month.
Can you handle such an amount?

Absolutely. We'll provide a sufficient number of service accounts and carry out personnel training and certification. Even the biggest shops use AstraFit successfully.

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